Payment Guardian


Every payment processed on Payment Logic is protected by Payment Guardian, which includes four key security checks not available from your bank.

You are in control. Payment checks are performed before your authorise payments for processing. If Payment Guardian detects any warnings, you may choose to cancel your payment or proceed anyway if the payment is valid.

Vendor Checks

Guardian automatically checks both the ABN and GST status for your payee/supplier. You are notified if the ABN status is no longer current as well if your payee is not currently registered for GST.

Disbursement Details

Guardian helps protect your business against fraud by comparing the EFT/BPAY details for your payment against what other payors use when paying the same ABN. You are automatically notified if the payment details don't match, which lets you check details with your supplier before funds are disbursed.

Duplicate Check

Our system automatically checks for any recent payments for the same Amount and Invoice Number paid to the same supplier. You are notified if duplicates are found and can decide whether payments should be made again.

Authorisation Workflow

All payments must be authorised, using a multi-factor authorisation (SMS or Google Authenticator) by a valid user linked to your account before any payments are processed. Guardian keeps a log of all authorisation rules which can be reviewed for compliance purposes.

How Does It Work

When you create a payment, Guardian will automatically assess the rules and will show any warnings before payments are authorised. You can then choose to cancel or proceed with payments based your review of any warning(s).

Guardian History is also available via an overview (Guardian Dashboard) providing your with a complete history of payment files, including any warnings and their resolution (cancelled payment or payment processed). This valuable history can be used by your company to perform compliance with internal policies and/or to review trends within your accounts payable.

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