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What is Payment Logic?
Payment Logic is a secure online B2B payment portal for paying invoices and contractor payments via your business credit card. Spend Smarter with Payment Logic.

Who is Payment Logic for?
Payment Logic is for savvy business owners who want to take control of their accounts payable. From micro and small business to mid-sized and large enterprises, Payment Logic helps businesses of all sizes streamline their payment processes, boost cashflow, and save money with early payment discounts.

What are the key benefits of Payment Logic?
– Commission for Referred Payments
– Cardholder earns Reward Points
– Increased business Cash Flow
– Secure Online Payments 24/7
– Save time by creating / paying invoices in bulk
– Pay Non Accepting Suppliers
– Full points for Government Payments
– Xero Integration
– Immediate, scheduled or recurring payment options
– Allow dual access to Accountants or Bookkeepers
– Restrict payment authority to certain users

Payment Logic is the best value B2B payment platform for Amex payments on the market. Our tiered processing fees provide you with the best value based on the invoice value!

Referral Program
Our Referral Program is open to all accountants, bookkeepers and businesses with an ABN.

Payment Logic can help you increase the value of your service to your clients. In addition to the many benefits your client will receive from Payment Logic, you can also earn 10bps (0.1%) commission payments for any clients that you refer to Payment Logic.

Terms and Conditions
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