How it works

An Invoice Payment Platform for any business

Upload Suppliers

Import suppliers from your accounting software or add them individually into our portal

Create Payment

Create payments to your payee(s) in our portal or create in your accounting software and upload it – choose your American Express card and approve the payment(s)

Suppliers Paid

Cleared payments with your EFT description appear in your payee(s) bank account within 2 business days

It really is that simple!

How quickly are my suppliers paid?

Cleared payments are received in 2 business days

Day 0

Transaction approved in our secure online portal

Day 1

Funds are received from American Express and are forwarded to your supplier

Day 2

Cleared funds are received by your supplier in their bank account

Why it works?

Payment Logic was created in 2013 to help businesses make payments more effectively and profitably.

As businesses struggle to find the time to best manage their payments, we have developed the technology and process to help optimise your cash flow, maximise your loyalty rewards, and help you negotiate the best available early payment discounts for your business.

Utilising credit cards which are an excellent source of unsecured finance for cash flow management and do not require a lengthy application process, businesses find it easier to utilise this form of financing as opposed to bank lines of credit or overdraft facilities. Also, many suppliers won’t accept standard credit card payments, so Payment Logic pays your suppliers by bank transfer within 48 hours and gives you the interest free terms available on your credit card. By being able to pay your suppliers within 48 hours, many suppliers are willing to offer up early payment discounts to further improve the profitability of your business.

With the corporate credit card industry growing more competitive every year, the amount of rewards and loyalty driven products has also increased. Payment Logic works on your behalf to help maximise the amount of loyalty rewards that your business can earn. These rewards are exceptionably valuable and tax effective for your business or personal use.

free up cash flow

Enjoy the benefit of the interest free period on your credit card releasing cash for other purposes


Use you credit card terms to get up to 55 days interest free on your payments

earn more loyalty points

Earn more points from your Credit Card loyalty program


Use you credit card terms to get up to 55 days interest free on your payments

better early payment discounts

Pay suppliers within 48 hours to maximise your early payment discounts


Use you credit card terms to get up to 55 days interest free on your payments

Join Payment Logic

It's free to join Payment Logic - you only incur fees when you make a payment and they are clearly displayed to you prior to submitting a payment.